Religious Sculpture

Our studio makes religious sculptures in many sizes and from versatile materials. They can decorate a church, shrine, nativity scene, but also secular spaces. They are perfect for religious and private space or for urban spaces. Wooden statues and reliefs are our most popular projects.

Wooden Religious Sculpture

We specialise in wooden religious sculptures depicting saints. Wooden statues are a perfect decoration for church or shrine interiors made from the same material. We offer statues made from raw wood, stained or colourful, coated with oil or other types of paint.

A Sculpture or a Relief?

A life-size saint’s image or a religious relief? Everything depends on the space you have and on the customer’s vision. When it comes to materials, we offer brass, bronze, aluminium or wooden sculptures.

Customised Religious Sculptures

We implement different projects of religious sculptures or reliefs. This can be a roadside saint, a station of the Cross, a pieta or another form. Sculptures depicting Pope John Paul II also enjoy high popularity.