Garden Sculpture

If you look for an interesting garden design object, have a look at sculptures in our portfolio. All the projects in this category are made by casting. We prepare and implement the design based on the customer’s vision. Those can be sculptures for private gardens, but also for urban space or even for a ZOO. The sculptures by our studio can be seen in the ZOO in Krakow.

What Kind of Sculpture Do You Want for Your Garden?

Choose an appropriate garden sculpture size for your garden: much vegetation means a larger project, a tiny patch of grass calls for a smaller statue. Consider the garden design style and your preferences. If you like abundant ornaments, choose a statue like that. A minimalistic garden will make a perfect setting for a simple, modern project. Perfect sculptures for a Japanese-style garden are the ones inspired by Oriental style, e.g. depicting a lantern or a Buddha. We offer modern garden sculptures or the ones inspired by retro style.

Garden Sculpture Types

Our studio specialises in several types of garden sculptures. The first of them is wooden garden sculptures. This is a universal offering which will decorate any patch of vegetation. The second is a brass garden fountain. This is a highly popular and eye-catching garden decoration. The third type is metal sculptures. This decoration will be most conspicuous on a mowed lawn. The last type is brass garden statues. They usually take the form of a flowerbed or are inspired by the Oriental style, by the Japanese garden.