Commemorative Plagues

In our studio we also cast customised commemorative plaques where the inscription, image or emblem are engraved. As they are usually installed outdoors, they are made from durable and resistant materials, e.g. bronze or brass.

Commemorative Plaques

There are many occasions to order a commemorative plaque for. Such a plaque will commemorate an important person, patron, event, historical date or place. There is a multitude of such projects in the urban space and public places. Another type of commemorative plaques are the projects for individuals or institutions to thank them for work, service or for the anniversary of the school or university.

Cast Commemorative Plaques

We can cast customised commemorative plaques of different sizes and from a selected material, i.e. bronze or brass. We engrave our projects. The plaque may contain an additional, decorative motif, e.g. a relief depicting the patron of a given location or a different one. The plaque can be ordered in a rectangular shape, but also in a different, non-standard size and format.

Grave Plaques

A separate group of our projects is grave plaques. We cast our projects from brass, bronze or aluminium. A grave plaque can be simple or with some sculpted motif, e.g. a saint, angel or another ornament. We make standard and customised plaques with any finish.