In our studio we make monuments, religious, open-air and grave sculptures. Our offer is addressed both to individual customers and to entrepreneurs, institutions, municipal and communal authorities as well as religious establishment administrators. The main components of our offer are monuments, medals, garden, grave and religious sculptures, statues and commemorative plaques. The portfolio of Michał Batkiewicz includes works made in wood, bronze, stainless steel, glass and stone. It is possible also to cast using a mould prepared externally.

Offering for Individual Customers

We offer many products addressed to individuals, including garden and grave sculptures and reliefs. We also make medals and statues for special occasions, including sports or commemorative ones. This is a unique and customised gift idea.

Sculpture for Urban Space

The sculptures created in our studio are present in a couple of Polish cities and towns. They include Szczecin, Wrocław, Wadowice and Rabka-Zdrój. Sculpture in urban space is a perfect idea for some art with a modern twist. To commemorate an outstanding person, event or anniversary, use a commemorative plaque or bust.

Sculpture for Religious Establishments

The images of Biblical protagonists and saints in the form of a sculpture or relief will make great interior design decorations of churches, shrines and nativity scenes. Other popular forms of religious sculpture include the Stations of the Cross or pietas. The statues are made from various materials (most frequently wood), including by moulding.

Michał Batkiewicz is also the author of original and replica altars. Do not hesitate to see our portfolio.