In our studio we design and make customised medals and decorations. Our offer is addressed to the town and commune offices, cultural institutions, public utility bodies, e.g. fire brigade, police, army, sports clubs, entrepreneurs and individuals. Medals are most frequently ordered for galas, mass events, different competitions, state ceremonies, but also important jubilees and anniversaries.

Customised Commemorative and Sports Medals

The medals are cast from bronze, brass or aluminium and patinated brown, black, green, gold or they are gold- or silver-plated. Depending on the event, you can choose aged, richly decorated medals or the other way round, high-tech and minimalistic ones.

Medals made by us can be one- or two-sided, personal or numbered. Ornaments are made in the process of moulding or by engraving. Engraved medals are recommended especially when the ornaments and inscriptions are to be clear, not looking old.