Grave Sculpture

We make customised garden sculptures and reliefs from brass, bronze or aluminium. The designs and implementations of our grave sculptures are based on the principles of simplicity, traditionalism and timeless design. Every project is made to the customer’s instructions. We fulfill the customer’s expectations and vision.

What is more, we make grave plaques cast from different materials as well as small grave decorations. We offer traditional brass, bronze or aluminium projects.

What Grave Sculpture to Choose?

We offer customised sculptures and statues made from different materials. We always choose high-quality ones, resistant to weather. We make stone grave sculptures or bronze statues in different sizes.

A grave sculpture of an angel or a statue of an angel for the grave is the most frequent motif in the cemetery art. The symbolism of an angel as a guardian or guide will be inscribed in the graveyard nature. Large or small angel statues remind of old, historical gravestones. We make sculptures inspired by the retro style and modern projects.

Grave Reliefs and Plaques

In this product group, we offer reliefs depicting saints, including Jesus Christ, Our Lady, pieta or a station of the Cross. Other popular motifs include an angel, cross or flowers, particularly roses. We can make any customised motif, depending on the customer’s request.

We make grave reliefs from brass, bronze and aluminium in various motifs, sizes and materials. A relief made from material resistant to harsh weather conditions, when maintained and cleaned properly, will last several dozen years intact.

Our studio makes also brass, bronze and aluminium grave plaques.

Grave decorations

In our studio we create also small grave decorations. A delicate floral or cross-shaped ornament will make a stylish decoration for a traditional gravestone. This decoration may accentuate the hobby or profession of the deceased person, or will be just a gravestone decoration.

We make grave decorations e.g. from brass, metal and bronze. Brass is a highly malleable material, exceptionally durable, used extensively in various sectors. It is similar for metal and bronze. They have similar properties. Brass or metal roses, crosses, flowers or twigs are the most popular grave decoration motifs.

Many of our projects are made from brass. This material is durable, resistant to corrosion and adverse weather. It is great for casting. A bronze statue is a smart touch to the graveyard architecture.